Right Worshipful Grand Secretary

Right Worshipful Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Florida

M∴W∴ Richard E. Lynn was born is Coral Gables, Florida. He was the youngest of three children, which included a brother and sister.

M∴W∴ Lynn received his formal education in South Florida. Upon completion of his studies, he immediately joined Catering by David Lynn, a family business, which was started by his parents. Through the years, his hard work earned him the respect of his family, and the Presidency of the Company. In addition to maintaining the honor and integrity upon which the business was built, M∴W∴ Lynn's company had been successful in achieving the recognition as one of the finest and most prestigious catering companies in Florida.

M∴W∴ Lynn's Masonic career started with his initiation into Biscayne Bay Lodge No. 124 on September 25, 1973. His love for the Fraternity grew very rapidly and before reaching the 3rd Degree, he was aleady teaching catechism to the Brethren of his Lodge. On January 4, 1974, he was Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. M∴W∴ Lynn started though the chairs as Tyler, progessing on through to the elected positions, and finally was installed Worshipful Master of the Lodge in January, 1982.

In 1984, M∴W∴ Lynn was appointed the District Deputy Grand Master of the 29th Masonic District. After his term, and until the present, he has diligently served the Fraternity well in variouos positions ranging from the Board of Trustees of the Masonic Home to the Corporate Board of Directors for Grand Lodge.

M∴W∴ Lynn is a member of the Memorial Lodge No. 29, the Scottish and York Rites, Everglade Chapter No. 149, York Rite College, Mahi Shrine, MI-AM-I Grotto, Biscayne Bay Chapter O.E.S., as well as other Masonic organizations and youth groups. Additionally, he proudly holds various honors which he has received, including the York Rite Red Cross, the Scottish Rite K.C.C.H., and Representative to the Grand Lodge of Oregon in Florida.

M∴W∴ Lynn's success has been paralleled by his civic accomplishments in the community. Recognitions include the Florida Civil Air Patrol Wing Service Award, Knights of the Pythias Man of the Year, the University of Miami Young Alumni Outstanding Service Award, and being named as one of the Outstanding Young Men of America. His various club organizations include the University of Miami Hurricane Club, Coral Gables Jaycees, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, Easter Seal Society of Dade County and the Business Inc. of Miami.


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Most sincerely and fraternally,

M∴W∴ Richard E. Lynn, P.G.M.
Grand Secretary