Senior Grand Warden

Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of Florida


Let me begin by expressing my gratitude to you for selecting me to be your Senior Grand Warden. I am both honored and humbled. Please be assured I will continue to strive to be worthy of your trust and confidence.

Our Grand Master’s theme is “Bridging the Future.” What a wonderful launching pad for us to focus on strengthening our membership throughout the entire state. In addition to my duties, M∴W∴ Hoover has charged me to continue working with our Membership Development Efforts. I look forward to working with our State Chairman and his Committeemen in developing more strategies to grow our membership with highly principled men. These men should be self-starters, and equally as important men who are finishers. I look forward to visiting with all of you more regarding this at the Grand Master’s Official Visit to your District. Until then be well, and be an exceptional Ambassador for Florida Freemasonry. Your efforts are always important.

Respectfully and Fraternally,

John William Westerman, III
Senior Grand Warden